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What Is The Tint Worx?

The Tint Worx is something new. We offer car window tinting training inside our online video membership site. All our streaming videos are encoded to work on all platforms so you can even watch the training on your phone as you practice your new car window tinting skills.

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Car Window Tinting Training

  • Tools and Suppliers

    Find out more about the best products on the market – we have no agenda so recommend on what we have used..not what we think may work for you. You can find out who to buy your film from, what tools work best…Don’t Buy Junk Film – it just ain’t worth it!

  • Heat Shrinking #101

    We totally break apart the heat shrinking process, you will become a Jedi Master of the Heatgun before too long…Dont even go there if  2 piecing windows is your thing,.. or using Talc..thats best saved for the babies bum…we teach the Soap Shrink method, it’s quick to learn and produces bad-ass results!

  • Reverse Rolling Like A Boss

    You may have tried and failed at window tinting before, you see, a little knowledge is dangerous! In Module 5 – The Back Glass Module I show not 1 but 3 ways of doing sedan back windows, we focus a lot on the reverse roll method, then zoom in on the ‘S’ Fold Method and finally the Reverse Cowgirl Method..hang on..that’s not’s the Reverse Across The Shelf Method!

    I know all that may seem confusing..but reading between the lines it says..” You can select the method what works best for you – not what you are forced to use” as most people will only teach you the one method they are strong on.

Whats In The Members Area

  • Perfect Patterns Made Easy

    Don’ limit your abilities by relying on computer controlled cutting systems – they just Suck!!
    Get with the programme and learn our super simple hand cut pattern technique. We teach you how to safely cut patterns with no damage to the long as you play by our rules.

  • Roll-Up - Roll-Up

    Dive into doors in Module 6 – we get stuck into roll up window pattern making, critical cleaning techniques, installation covering tinting with door panels both on and off, basic door panel removal, we cover quarter glass installation(vent type) both in and out of the car, more involved contamination control techniques and I give you all the tips you need to become a legend in your own lunch-time.

  • Fixed Body Glass - No Sweat!

    These are normally the simplest windows to tint, but getting them as close to perfection as possible is no easy feat! I will teach you the methods needed to get spotless installations – the it’s down to you to practice,practice and practice some more…do something enough times it will become a habit. Don’t just expect to show up and win – coz that ain’t happening!

Do You think Your Customers Want Big Gaps At The Top Of Their Windows?

Advanced Edge Finishing

Here we separate the Men from the Boys...just decide where you wanna be. Giving your customers the best finish possible is a surefire way of word getting around fast that you are on top of your game!

Not only that, if you want the Big Bucks you have to give the most value, set your stall out early on that you will not be happy with yourself delivering bog-standard work like most tint shops - push yourself to the edge with the advanced edge finishing techniques we teach you in the programme.

We teach you how to file your edges and also the more difficult Olfa Shaving Technique - maybe you should wait a while before trying that one!

Super Smooth Edges - No Gaps!!

Would you like to offer your customers this Level of Finish? 
This quality finish can be a great upsell and your customers will spread the word about your excellent work, not only will it make you feel Like A Stud but… this word of mouth marketing can quickly help build your brand.

How Do I Know If This Course Is Right For Me?

If You Have Dabbled WIth Car Window Tinting In The Past With Poor Results - This Course Is For You!
If You Have Are A Handy Kind Of Guy Who Likes A Challenge - This Course Is For You!
If You Are Useless At Most Practical Things - This Course Is Not For You!
If You Think Your Bank Account Will Explode Overnight - This Course Is Not For You!
If You Are Prepared To Put In Lots Of Practice & Have Sleepless Nights Dreaming About Car Window Tinting - This Course May Be For You!
Even If You Are A Seasoned Vet Of The Tint Biz, You Can Still Learn from Others.

Now The Guarantee Part

Guarantee Information

Take the first 4 modules of The Tint Worx – if you are not impressed we offer a full refund or continue to access the further modules and acknowledge that you will have committed to the programme.


Are You A Know-It-All - Been There - Done That Kinda Guy?

Are You Scared Of Stepping Out Of Your Box & Learning Something New?

These Guys Did It - So Can You!

Heather - Toyota Dealer,Texas

After 20 yrs of being an installer, even I learned some great tips from The Tint Worx! You can't go wrong with these videos if you are looking to clean up your work, learn a few new tips to generally improve the quality of the finished installation!

Tint Slime Endorses The Tint Worx

'Even the most experienced guys are using some of the tips and tricks they have learned from this series.
Kari Yochum, owner of Guardian Graphics and co-creator of TintSlime.'

The Basic Package $299 One-Time Payment

The Tint Worx Is The New Online Hangout For Aspiring Car Window Tinters - We Know How Hard It Can Be To Get The Highest Quality Installs And We Can Help You Get There.

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